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David Thibault, a resident of Quebec, Canada, decided to drop by his local radio station; however, he surely didn't expect he would become a YouTube star after performing an Elvis 'Blue Christmas' cover. If you close your eyes, this 16-year-old kid singing “Blue Christmas” is a dead ringer for Elvis Presley. David Thibault is a French Canadian singer from Quebec. Dec 13, 2013. Ever since Elvis Presley's death in 1977, impersonating the King has become a cottage industry.

But we can't recall the last time we've seen a. An Incredible 16 Year-Old's Version of 'Blue Christmas' Sounds JUST Like Elvis's - Christian Music Videos This teenager will amaze you with his singing of Blue Christmas, because he sounds EXACTLY like Elvis! No one can be Elvis, but perhaps someone can come close to his style of singing, and perhaps even his voice? The video below introduces the world to David Thibault, a 16-year-old young man who sings the renowned singer’s “Blue Christmas” with a striking resemblance to his voice.

French-Canadian David Thibault sounds just like Elvis, and he proved it on live Canadian radio with a perfect rendition of Blue Christmas.

5 comments to “Elvis Lives! Watch This 16-Year-Old Who Sounds Just Like The King Croon Blue Christmas On Ellen! ” James Lewellen says – reply to this. 1. David Thibault is a 16-year-old French Canadian singer with a very surprising voice. Watch his impressive performance of Elvis Presley's song" Blue Christmas" for CKOI Québec, channeling 'The.

A teenager named David Thibault made waves online four years ago when he stopped by a local radio station to sing one of his favorite Elvis Presley tunes. It was Christmas time, so it was quite fitting that he chose the classic song “Blue Christmas. ” Dec 23, 2013 · Watch This 16-Year-Old Who Sounds Just Like The King Croon Blue Christmas On Ellen! Elvis Lives! Watch This 16-Year-Old Who Sounds Just Like The King Croon Blue Christmas On Ellen!

MONTREAL – David Thibault, a 16-year-old Elvis Presley impersonator from Quebec, is taking social media by storm, with his rendition of the King’s holiday hit, “Blue Christmas. ” If I. Dec 12, 2013. A 16-year-old Elvis Presley impersonator from Quebec is taking social media by storm, after singing the King's holiday hit, " Blue Christmas. " David Thibault is only 16 years old, but the Quebec teen’s Elvis impression makes him sound like the King in his prime.

Thibault recently stopped by 102. 1 CKOI’s studios to sing on the morning show Les Nonos de la Radio, and it’s fair to say he blew the hosts away with his soulful rendition of “Blue Christmas. ” I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this 16 year old sing “Blue Christmas” by Elvis David Thibault is a talented 16-year-old from Quebec, Canada who is sure to remind you of The King of Rock& Roll when you hear his voice.

La sensation du Québec en ce moment, David Thibault, le jeune de 16 ans qui interprète Elvis à merveille était de passage à l'émission d'Ellen Degeneres, sur. Elvis Presley impersonator David Thibault is much more than a one-song wonder. have turned 82 on Jan. 8. He passed away at the age of 42 on Aug. 16, 1977. Stars Who Died Before Their Time. Teen Covers 'Blue Christmas, ' Sounds Just Like Elvis Presley [Watch]. He'd be celebrating his 82nd birthday this year. David Thibault, a 16 year-old musician, performs a version of Blue Christmas that sounds JUST like Elvis.

Listen and be stunned - wow, what talent! David Thibault, 16 ans, personnificateur d'Elvis était de passage dans les Nonos de la radio au 102, 1 CKOI Québec. Il a interprété" Blue Christmas" au grand. Dec 12, 2013 · He even competed in an Elvis impersonator show and uploads his Presley covers to YouTube.

But the 16 year-old reached a whole new audience when he performed “Blue Christmas” for pop music. Watch a 16-Year Old’s Amazing Elvis Presley ‘Blue Christmas’ Cover. a 16-year-old kid living in Quebec, appeared on CKOI Radio in Quebec City armed with an acoustic guitar and a sneer. David Thibault is a gifted 17 year old artist from Quebec, Canada and his voice is going to leave you stunned!

This young man sounds very much like The King Of Rock& Roll Elvis Presley! David became an overnight sensation at the age of 16 when he went to this local radio station to do a cover of.

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