The Large Monkey – Motivated Monkey Book and Me, Derrick Sorles

       E-Zine, Article City, and Go Articles
Those sites have great page rank and search engine lift. In fact, most days if you GOOGLE
my name in quotes, I come up as an “expert author” on page one, slot one!
A few months ago I wrote an article on this site titled, “Writing a Personal Mission Statement.”

This company in the UK, TLM – The Large Monkey, found  my article about the mission statement,
because I had submitted it to one of these article hub sites. And they contacted me to get permission
to use my article in their upcoming book, Motivated Monkey!

Jim Rohn,

Brian Tracy, Steve Chandler, Jack Canfield,

and ME!

Pretty impressive company!

   A bit about  The Large Monkey –   “We create and sell unique Ebooks on a variety of subjects,
books written by some of the worlds most well known and respected figures and by people like
you, people who have a story to tell.
Our books have a minimal carbon footprint and we donate a massive 25%
of all profits to charity, much more than most other businesses.

Every book that we sell benefits one of the worlds most needing charities.
From the environment to helping the poor to saving endangered species.
We will produce books dedicated to many different causes.”

The moral of the story – there are so many ways to spread your word on the Internet for free!
Take advantage of all the tools to promote yourself and/or your business and you could be in
their next book “The Monkey Monkey” on entrepreneurialism to benefit The Red Cross!

The book is available now for $6.97

Derrick Sorles


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