If you are experiencing dissatisfaction with your life and your work, a possible reason for this malaise may involve complacency and insufficient novelty.

When your work loses its challenge, life and work may feel bland. Consequently, injecting excitement through the continual pursuit of excellence may improve your level of satisfaction immensely.

Living by the following principles will provide such an injection.

Find and follow your passion.
When you love what you do and truly put your heart and soul into it, you can’t help but feel exhilarated.

Do more than is expected of you.
Don’t limit yourself to just completing what is in your job description. Offer a higher level of service – a level which brings you pride and gratification in what you offer.

Believe that what you do makes a difference.
Find the ways that your activities can better the lives of others and focus on this effect. If you touch the lives of even a few people in the world, you have made a difference.

Exercise your creativity.
Develop innovative methods for rendering your services. Deliver services not offered before. Let the creative juices flow and see what happens.

Customize and personalize your services.
Each client comes to you with highly unique needs. Rather than offering a standard package of services or products, work toward fully meeting the needs of the individual by formulating a unique package for that single person or corporation.

Emphasize the process rather than the outcome.
By focusing on doing your utmost each and every day in the field of your choice and on the joy of creating the best product or services you can deliver, you can feel gratified with your work, even if others do not respond as you wish.

Rather than settling for an ordinary, humdrum life, seek to soar by reaching for excellence in all you do. Follow your passion. Live and work creatively. You can end up with a quality of life you never dreamed possible.

About the Author: Deborah Kintner

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