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          Internet Marketing business. This blog is about inspiration and motivation and designing a life you really want – not accepting a life as it is and going through the motions like a hamster stuck on his wheel. There are so many ways to create and design a life that brings you happiness and success, we strive to share ideas with readers to inspire them.

At a
conference here in Chicago, for online publishing, I met a young man named Tim Draayer who has a blog and he told us how he had gotten involved with YTB Travel and it was changing his life! After just a few short months he was receiving his first $1,000 bonus check! I was intrigued!

We did our due diligence, checked out the company and decided we wanted a piece of that $7 trillion travel pie! We had heard of other MLM ventures but we decided to join YTB because the product was travel! We love to travel, my family loves to travel, my friends like to travel, and I’m willing to bet that YOU probably like to travel too!

So, owning our own online travel site was an obvious match. It’s easy AND it’s passive revenue! All you do is refer people to your
YTB Travel website. If they want their own Travel Business you just refer them to your YTB marketing site to allow them to watch an online business presentation. No fuss. No hassle. They make their own decision.

We were looking for passive and residual income and I knew that an online business is what we needed. The thing that sold me on joining YTB was that there was no inventory to keep, no minimum monthly purchases to make, and no science or product testimonials to promote.

YTB hosts your website and fulfills all of your customer’s travel plans. The expense is minimal when you consider startup costs of a brick and mortar travel business.

YTB Travel offers your customers the same room in the hotel, the same seat on the plane, the same car, the same cabin on a cruise that they find on the other big name sites, and our prices or the same or lower, the best part is: YOU make money just for referring people to your site.

The Internet has changed the face of marketing forever. 10 years ago you never could have shown your business to thousands of people in a single day (especially when during 9-10 of those hours were spent at your day job.) The world can be your marketplace, thanks to the Internet.

If you are ready to save some money on travel, AND make some money on travel-
join us now!

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