Learning and Unlearning


A site I often read is Joyful Jubilant Learning
Last month they ran a great post called 7 Wonders of Joyful Jubilant Learning, 

Listen, Laugh, Learn, Link, Love, Live, and Leap to Wonder

  • Listen — welcome new ideas and every teacher, listening fully opened
  • Laugh — with the positive and uplifting joy others are ready to give you
  • Learn — with childlike curiosity and in a collaboratively jubilant way
  • Link — use others’ lessons learned as a springboard for your own, sharing your knowledge freely
  • Love — tap into your passion for learning, and be of loving heart in your new bonds with others
  • Live — be a shining example of the Lifelong Learner; “Be the learner you want to see in the world”
  • Leap — to a new experience, stretching past the familiar, accepting leaps of higher intuition.
    Allow learning to transform you, and to bring you to Wonder.


I thought this was a great inspirational idea and throw it out there for everyone to ponder! 


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