Learning To Live Through Learning By Guest Author Tim Draayer

Live Your Best Life was born.

In the beginning I didn’t know what I was doing but as I began writing more and more I got a feel for the thoughts and ideas that I was passionate about. And because of the previous months, as well as the fact that I was going through some emotional growth spurts I began to write about my thoughts pertaining to personal growth.

I didn’t recognize it at the time but as a result of my writing and the passion it brought me I was beginning to view life differently. I felt much more postitive about myself and I began seeking the experiences that once caused me to pull back. Tom often described me as ‘Tim reborn’ and would tell me about how he used my story when he talked to new people about the business.

Many phenominal experiences have happened in the past 8 months and now I am eager for new experiences. Writing this article made me recall the early years when I was young and so full of life. I wanted to try everything because I wanted to experience it all. It made me feel so alive and those years are hard to beat. Now I am happy to say, I want to experience life again, achieve my goals and the feeling of being alive thrills me.

We learn by doing but I also want to include the wonderful words of Longfellow “With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait” and Campbell “Follow your bliss.”

As the days of our lives tick by we are conditioned to live a certain way and we tend to forget about discovering our passions. Following our bliss means persuing those experiences and lessons for which we are passionate and to do so with a heart that is glad for them. Prepared for the experiences that can also be harsh.

This is what I have learned–to once again live a passionate life and I thank God every day for that lesson. My bliss is in helping others to realize their own potential and so is my intent and dream.

Follow your bliss and do the things that bring you joy. Learn from them as you would from anything else becaue this is what joyful learning is all about.

You only have one life; live it.

Tim Draayer is author of Live Your Best Life.


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