Play Trivia – Save Animals in Shelters!

I just found this site and wanted share it!

Experience Project is a free, discreet community connecting its members through
shared life experiences for support, fun and discovery. Quickly build a
network of people who understand you,
or explore thousands of life experiences shared through first-hand stories. 
They  never ask for your name, so you can remain anonymous and be your true self. 

They are also  working to raise money for saving

dogs and cats that may be in danger. It’s pretty simple,

you don’t donate anything but your time.

By playing a trivia game you can help raise money.

Your correct answers award money (from Experience Project)

to some cool non profits that are helping these little guys.

The more you play, the more shelter pets we

can feed! Spread the word and make a huge difference!

Link to Play Game:

Turbo Tagger


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