Life by Design Presents PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME Customized Self-Help Program

Tired?  In a rut? Depressed? 

Unhappy with what’s going on in your life?

Are you making the right career decisions?

Do you have a plan—what are your goals?

Are relationships draining or energizing you?

One of the things that I have always been passionate about is understanding personality types and utilizing psychological type theories to help people. And someone asked me the other day, if I still did that. YES! Even though blogging and Internet Marketing has taken over a large portion of my life, I still offer this service.

Don’t waste your time on another workshop or seminar that “pumps you up” but doesn’t create any lasting change in key areas of your life.  Because life doesn’t come with an owner’s manual, there’s PLEASE UNDERSTAND ME: a one-on-one program guaranteed to clarify your personal values, goals and unique skills and personality characteristics using psychological type theory.

 In just 2 sessions, use proven personality type information to first—better understand yourself—and second—better understand others different from you.

  • Understand what motivates you and what drains you and why  

  • Take charge of your life’s direction and create a plan for the future


  • Understand and identify your unique gifts and potential areas for growth, while respecting those different from yours Improve the quality of relationships in your life


  • Better manage and reduce conflict and stress


  • Improve your ability to communicate and listen


  • Take your workplace performance and promotibility to the next level Enjoy a greater sense of happiness, purpose and fulfillment daily.


Personalized consultation packages start as low as $295 – pricing includes all professional learning instruments, assessment tools and accompanying text materials.

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