How Happy Are You?

How Happy Are You?

The Happiness Institute created this test –

Please read each of the following group of statements and select the one  statement in each group that best describes the way you have been feeling for the past week, including today.

1. (a) I feel miserable almost all the time.
(b) I often feel miserable.
(c) I usually feel neutral.
(d) I usually feel pretty good.
(e) I feel great almost all the time.

2. (a) I find life to be boring all the time.
(b) I’m pretty bored with most aspects of life.
(c) I find life boring at times but at other times, it interests me.
(d) I’m interested in most aspects of life.
(e) I find life and living to be absolutely fascinating.

3. (a) I have no direction or life purpose.
(b) I’m unsure about my life direction and purpose.
(c) Sometimes I feel like I know my life purpose.
(d) I’m pretty clear about my life purpose and direction.
(e) My life purpose and direction is crystal clear.

4. (a) I have no energy and feel tired almost all the time.
(b) I often feel tired and lethargic.
(c) I usually have enough energy to do what I need to do.
(d) Most of the time I feel energetic and enthusiastic.
(e) I’m bursting with energy and enthusiasm almost all the time.

5. (a) I’m extremely pessimistic about the future.
(b) There are times when I feel pessimistic about the future.
(c) I’m not sure about the future, one way or the other.
(d) I’m pretty optimistic about the future.
(e) I’m extremely optimistic and excited about the future.


6. (a) I don’t have any close friends.
(b) I have a few friends but none I really consider close.
(c) I a few good friends and family members with whom I’m close.
(d) I have quite a few good friends.
(e) I have lots of good friends & feel I easily connect with everyone.

7. (a) I don’t think I have any strengths at all.
(b) I’m not sure whether or not I have any strengths.
(c) I’m getting to know my strengths.
(d) I know my strengths and try to use them when I can.
(e) I know exactly what my strengths are and I use them all the time.

8. (a) I never enjoy myself no matter what I’m doing.
(b) I find it difficult to enjoy life in the moment.
(c) I try to enjoy life as much as I can.
(d) I enjoy myself most of the time.
(e) I thoroughly enjoy every moment.

9. (a) I have absolutely nothing for which to be grateful.
(b) There’s not much in my life for which I’m grateful.
(c) I’m grateful for a few things in my life.
(d) I have quite a few things in my life for which I’m grateful.
(e) I’m extremely grateful for so many things in my life.

10. (a) I’ve accomplished nothing.
(b) I’ve not accomplished much in life.
(c) I’ve accomplished about as much as the average person.
(d) I’ve accomplished more in life than most people.
(e) I’ve accomplished a great deal more in life than most people.

Score each question from 1 to 5 where (a) equals 1 and (e) equals 5 (your maximum score, therefore, should be 50).

If you scored 40 or above – you’re doing extremely well. Keep up the great work.

If you scored 30-39 – you’re doing pretty well but might like to review the questions on which you scored 3 or below and consider how you might improve in these areas.

If you scored below 29 – you could be much happier!

If you’re interested in learning how you could be happier then check out the coaching and course options, as well as the products & resources, at The Happiness Institute–  they offer a free e-newsletter and lots of free resources at their site.

How satisfied are you with your life? What can you do to improve your happiness level?
Film maker Line Hatland documented a study on happiness in How Happy Can You Be? an educational film.
Among many other things, we learn the three main factors contributing to happiness, including life circumstances, intentional activity (what one chooses to do), and one’s genetic makeup.

We all define happiness in different ways. And we all find inner happiness in different ways. I think the real secret is to not get so caught up in the little stuff, that we forget what is important to us.


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