4 PLUS 1 = Supermodel Ronnie Kroell Bridging Diversity

Ronnie Kroell  founded 4 + 1 Productions  after he saw the need for someone to address the growing issues created by stereotypes and false assumptions about the differences between people.   Supported by the alarming statistics involving hate crimes and discrimination cases, Ronnie began to engage other members of the community who also shared his passion for positive change. This is a great example of a young person taking charge and doing something positive to create change!
        “With an expanding network of multi-cultural affiliates we are confident that our dream to build a bridge between the diverse backgrounds in Chicago will become a reality.  By encouraging individuals to value the unique strengths and differences of each human experience, we will challenge participants to put aside their prejudices and open their minds and hearts to diversity.”

Since his fame from MAKE ME A SUPERMODEL, Ronnie has been propelled into the spotlight.
Hopefully, he can keep his mission alive.

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