The Art of Travel – Never Stop Designing Your Life

How many people graduate high school, go right into college, then get married? Then have a family? LOTS!

I believe that “young adults” at 21, 22, even 25, are TOO YOUNG to start a family. They barely know themselevs, yet want to start raising a family. Life is about the journey. It’s about learning and self-exploration. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone to experience something different. It’s  about living a Life By Design…not a Designed Life.

First Look Studios’ THE ART OF TRAVEL was just released on DVD this month. Directed by Thomas Wheaton, it stars Christopher Masterson from Malcolm in the Middle. He takes the journey of a lifetime in a quest to find both freedom and himself, at the age of 19.

Leaving his fiancee  standing at the alter, who just had an affair with his best friend, he takes off for Nicaragua. He experiences the wonders of South America and ends up with a ragtag bunch of explorers as they embark on a 100-mile journey through the Darien Gap,  the undeveloped jungle that separates Panama and Colombia.  – Talk about roughing it!

Winner of 5 film festival awards, The Art of Travel combines lush photography with a winning story about choosing a different road. Adventure. Freedom. Journey.  Following your heart, and not your head, without being over-the-top philosophically.

Brian Orndorf from Collider said, “For some, traveling is defined as movement from location to location in as little time as possible. For others, traveling is merely the first step toward greater self-exploration, where adventures can teach and motivate the soul to higher plains of consciousness. “The Art of Travel” is an indie film that explores the very nature of wanderlust, and how it informs character and transforms life. It’s filled with familiar dramatic footprints, but “Art” remains something worthwhile and unexpectedly delicate.”

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