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We started this site nearly 3 years ago.  With the hopes we would share personal insight and ways for people to really make a difference in their lives. Live  a life  WORTH  MEANING! School does NOT teach us what we really need to know in life!

After I turned 30, I asked myself, “Is my life headed in the right direction? How do you change it if you are not? Why would you want a life by design? What if you thought you were, but are not happy with where your life has taken you? Do you go through the motions of life? With no meaning? or experience?”

SO I SAID! “Join me on a journey! A journey of discovering the secret to living a Life By Design! Inspirational and motivational. Let’s create change. Change in ourselves – change in others!”

WE  now  try to do our best  to juggle  15 sites!  And there is just no way to give each site the time and dedication that is needed.  But we try! So bear with us! Because this site,  LIFE  BY DESIGN  really  started it all. And it is something we are very passionate about.  And  I am not sure why….or  how….or  when….but we know this site will  EXPLODE one day! We enjoy a few thousand readers each month, there is just not enough time in the day to post to it frequently.

That said,  we are accepting posts from freelance writers. If you have a blog that is similar in  mission – send us a post, and we’ll make you a guest author!  E-Mail me!

This site is too important to us and I think as a collaborative effort – WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Let me know if you would like to contribute!

Derrick   Sorles
Michael  Snell

Life  By   Design


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