Derek Sivers – Highly Recommended Reading

 I met someone recently who
shared this personal story….

Two friends were at a party held at the mansion of a billionaire. One said, “Wow! Look at this place! This guy has everything!” The other said, “Yes, but I have something he’ll never have: enough.”

When I decided to sell my company in 2008, I already had enough.

I live simply. I hate waste and excess. I have a good apartment, a good laptop, and a few other basics. But the less I own, the happier I am. The lack of possessions gives me the priceless freedom to live anywhere anytime.

Having too much money can be harmful. It throws off perspective. It makes people do stupid things like buy “extra” cars or houses they don’t use – or upgrade to first class for “only” $10,000 so they can be a little more comfortable for a few hours.

Derek Sivers   and his company  CD BABY  changed  the way music is bought and sold.  But beyond that, he lives a life by design!  Sivers  has been called  a hippie capitalist in the best sense of both words.  It is said, he is really sincerely driven by wanting to help people.  I think most of us can learn from his writings and they will make you stop and think.

Check out his blog  and see what he is all about. 

He has some great things to say and you will  surely find his writings motivational and inspirational! 

He is involved with  cool new free projects to help musicians –

MusicThoughts : inspiring quotes about music

SongTest : a free, open song contest


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