Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer

There are days when I think my life is falling apart. I got into a car accident; maybe I slipped in my driveway or my son got called into the Principal’s office. I even got fired.  But, compared to the millions who suffer from chronic illnesses like cancer, my life is nowhere near falling to pieces.

If you or someone you know has just gotten the news that your health conditions are changing your life, it may seem impossible to get everything back on track.  

Whatever the reason, you need an
action plan.

Here are a few tips.

1. Treatment
Exploring treatment options is a big deal, but doing it can help you to understand what’s going on with your body and in the world of medicine and technology.  Being more informed can lead to a better relaxation and uplifted spirits. For example,
mesothelioma treatments include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and tumor removal surgery.

2. Alternative therapy
Searching for additional and alternative options may increase your sense of control over your situation. For example, some
mesothelioma alternative therapies include astragalus, used to alleviate chemotherapy side effects.  Some breast cancer patients find yoga to encourage remission and an awareness of the physical self.  Acupuncture and massage therapy may also relieve pain and stress.

3. Support
Emotional, financial, and, in some cases, legal support is always a plus for those struggling with chronic illnesses. Having people, or entire organizations, in your corner may mean stress-relief and transference of burdens.
 Support groups and family therapy may also help you to connect with yourself and others concerning the trials of your illness.

So, if your life is falling apart, there’s help and hope. You can still pick the pieces up and with these tips and an action plan, embrace a new day and a new life of strength and health.



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