Betty White Releases 6th book of Wit and Wisdom

89 year old BETTY WHITE has had an amazing career and just released her 6th book, If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won’t)

She looks at life through the lens of her time in show business. White shares her thoughts on life’s most important topics with her customary humor.


One thing they don’t tell you about growing old— you don’t feel old, you just feel like yourself. And it’s true. I don’t feel eighty-nine years old. I simply am eighty-nine years old.

If I didn’t feel so well, I might have a different philosophy altogether.

But I don’t get depressed as the number climbs. Perhaps because I don’t fear death. To some it is such a bête noire that it ruins some of the good time they have left. “

This is Betty White at her best. Wise, funny, irreverent and engaging. Drawing on a lifetime of lessons learned and observations made, she applies her wit and wisdom to a broad range of topics while mixing in her best stories from her extraordinary career.

People also get a kick out of a sweet, 89-year-old-lady with a naughty mind, but White doesn’t see it that way.

“I don’t think of it as naughty,” she says. “I don’t like dirty humor. I like double entendre, because then the people who get it, enjoy it — and the people who don’t get it, don’t know about it.

“The people who drive me crazy are the ones who say something with a double meaning, and then they poke you in the ribs with their elbow and say, ‘Didja hear what I said, didja get it?'” she adds. “I want to go home at that point.”

If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won’t)


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