Sometimes the Thing you Most Want, Doesn’t Happen.

I love Netflix, because I can watch all the movies I want, that I missed at the theater.  So last night I watched  Love & Other Drugs .  A 2010 romantic comedy film co-written and directed by Edward Zwick and based on the non-fiction book Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman by Jamie Reidy. Stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

The plotline centers around a  woman suffering from Parkinson’s, who  befriends a drug rep working for Pfizer against 1990s Pittsburgh backdrop. She feel’s unworthy of a close relationship because of her disease, which is in stage 1. She feels broken. She knows  someone will have to care for her one day. Dress her; feed her; deal with her dementia; and change her under garments. She wishes that on no one. So she avoids relationships.  But true  love conquers all!

And beyond that, I am reminded of that great story The Station: A Reminder to Cherish the Journey . “The Station” brings a profound message that reminds one to embrace the journey of life. And not keep telling yourself, when this or that happens, I will have arrived.

TUCKED AWAY in our subconscious minds is an idyllic vision in which we see ourselves
on a long journey that spans an entire continent. 

    But uppermost in our conscious minds is our final destination–for at a certain hour and on a
given day, our train will finally pull into the station with bells ringing, flags waving, and bands
playing. And once that day comes, so many wonderful dreams will come true. So restlessly, we
pace the aisles and count the miles, peering ahead, waiting, waiting, waiting for the station.

    “Yes, when we reach the station, that will be it!” we promise ourselves. “When we’re
eighteen. . . win that promotion. . . put the last kid through college. . . buy that 450SL
Mercedes-Benz. . . have a nest egg for retirement!”

    From that day on we will all live happily ever after.

    Sooner or later, however, we must realize
there is no station in this life, no one earthly
place to arrive at once and for all. The journey is the joy. The station is an illusion–it
constantly outdistances us. Yesterday’s a memory, tomorrow’s a dream. Yesterday belongs to a
history, tomorrow belongs to God. Yesterday’s a fading sunset, tomorrow’s a faint sunrise. Only
today is there light enough to love and live.

At the closing of the Love and Other Drugs, Jake says,

I used to worry a lot about where I would be when I grew up….
like how much money I would make…or that someday I would become some big deal.

Sometimes the thing you most want,  doesn’t happen.

And sometimes the thing you’d never expect to happen, does.

In life you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you.

And then you meet one person and your life is changed FOREVER.”


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