Jonah Mowry – Bullied Kid Does Not Commit Suicide – Luckily

Thank goodness for the Internet. It has flattened the world and connected us all –  at the speed of light!

An very emotional video showed up this past August on YouTube – but somehow, has recently gained  world attention.

A teenage student’s distress after years
of homophobic bullying has prompted hundreds of messages of global
concern and support for him. He is a brave kid, and he bared his soul to all of YouTube. THESE KIDS  ARE CRYING OUT FOR HELP!

You are loved.”

We do  support you.” 

It gets better.”

Stay strong.”

These are just a few of the encouraging comments flooding in for Jonah Mowry.

As word spreads about the video this week, out gay ex-Star Trek actor George Takei and American author Anne Rice – who is the mother of a gay son – have been among several notables urging people to take a look and spread the word.

The original Jonah  video

Jonah  is  THANKFUL  for all of the support – and issued a brief statement  


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