Vulnerability, Self, & Oneness – By Ronnie Kroell

Our dear friend Ronnie Kroell did an awesome post today that we wanted to share with you –  

Perception is always reality, but perceptions are not always truth.

other words, someone may perceive me and make a judgment based on how I
walk, talk, or an action that I have taken; while that may be their
truth, it may not be accurate.

For example: Many times people have made
snap judgments (positive and negative) about me based on my appearance
on Make Me a Supermodel, my Playgirl Magazine spread, or other projects.
While these perceptions and judgments are valid to them – it does not
make them truth. In fact, as a society we love to make snap judgments
about people, especially those we see on TV, but unless we actually meet
them to confirm our perceptions – with what evidence can we really
ground our findings?

The following videos were shared with me by my friends – and they
have truly changed my life. Thandie Newton & Brene Brown discuss the
topics of vulnerability, self, and oneness with such clarity and
soulfulness! In a world where we are born into “oneness” we quickly
learn how to create “self” in order to navigate the social world – but
that self is not necessarily who we are. Our “self” is shaped, for
better or worse, by the people in our lives and experiences that we
have. We develop a sense of “self” in order to survive/fit in, but more
than that to escape having to think about the inevitable – death.

In order to truly connect with others we must challenge our “selves”
to be vulnerable, to live authentically, and to find oneness again! It
is most important to realize that “we are enough” – just as we are. We
must give up on the idea of who we are “supposed to be” or what others
“want us to be” and acknowledge who we really are.

I was watching Oprah
one day and I remember Kenny Rogers shared this really cool idea: “We
are all three people – The person we think we are, the person others
think we are, and the person we really are.” I have thought about this
many times since watching the program and it makes such perfect sense

Stop by his site for the rest of the posting and the inspiring videos.

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