Fourthcoming Book on Barack Obama Needs Funding

Hermene Hartman —  One of the most significant and influential
black women in American publishing, she is the publisher of N’DIGO,a
popular Black voice in Chicago. 

She is also a daily commentator on WVAZ
radio (“Views of the Heart”)
and NBC Chicago TV and writes frequently for The Huffington Post. She
is a poet (“Love Moods”), guest speaker, lecturer, political pundit, and
a former professor of sociology at City Colleges of Chicago.  Her
columns are written from a political/social commentary perspective.

2012 many books will be published on President Obama as he comes up for
reelection.  Hermene
Hartman, Bob Starks, and Derrick Baker have a unique perspective on the
man.  They were there from the beginning.  And Barack is their friend.

 Now the trio are using Kickstarter to fund the creation of The Barack Book and need your involvement to help cement President Obama’s legacy.

By making a $25 donation now, you get a free copy of the book in November!

the long-time publisher of N’DIGO, a weekly targeted at Chicago’s black
middle class, Hartman was the first to cover the young, black Chicagoan
rising in the political ranks.  First he was her friend, then he became
an Illinois senator, and then the President Obama we all know today.
 Hartman and colleagues Starks and Baker recognized the political
potential of Mr. Obama early on and since 2003 have covered him from a
unique black Chicago perspective. 

These columns had heretofore predominantly been read by a black Chicagoan audience, but with Kickstarter funding of The Barack Book
they will finally be available worldwide and in physical form.  

such provocative titles as “Should Obama Run for President?” (December
2007), “Barack and the Black Experience” (June 2007), “Senator Clinton
and Obama Race to Define Race” (January 2008), “Does Being Half-Black
Make Obama a Brother?” (February 2008), and “The Audacity of Barack”
(February 2008), The Barack Book is a fascinating look back at a now-legendary historical figure “before he was.” 

Please help bring this remarkable book to the public!


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