Dawn Soap – Will it Save the World?

Ok, so DAWN may not be able to solve world hunger – but did you know that Dawn was one of those Miracle cleaners with hundreds of uses?

I was skeptical when my mother in law wanted to help clean the house and she reached for dawn and a bucket of water! She used it on glass, mirrors, the floor – even the bathtub tiles and tub where is sliced through soap scum with ease. there are many many many uses for Dawn. Some others that I discovered:

  Dawn Dishwashing Detergent Kills Fleas

  Dawn is good for flea removal. However, many professional pet care sites talk frequently
about combing your dog or cat with a fine toothed comb and then dropping
any fleas removed into a solution of soapy water, made from liquid
dishwashing detergent.

These same sites also recommend washing
the animal’s bedding in soapy dishwashing liquid and warm water, for the
same reason. Therefore, it seems logical that washing an animal in the
same soapy water would have a similar effect. Additionally, Dawn
dishwashing detergent would be much milder to your pet than flea and
tick spray.

  Dawn Repels Ants

Several pest
problem websites have forums in which many users swear that a solution
of Dawn dishwashing detergent and water, when sprayed directly on
countertops and sinks in the kitchen and bathroom, leaves a safe residue
for kids and pets. Ants, however, do not like it, and therefore, will
not walk over. Also, spraying the solution directly on the ants will
kill them.

Shampoo Buildup? No Problem!

Your hairdresser may have talked about “shampoo buildup”.  You can use Dawn dishwashing detergent on
your hair just like you would use shampoo, and it will remove excess
oil from your hair and scalp (great if you have oily hair) and strip any
buildup from your hair, without damaging your hair in the process. It
is recommended that you do this about once a month.

  Dawn in Your First Aid Kit?

This website
revealed that Dawn dishwashing liquid makes an effective and less messy
icepack than using ice. Apparently, you can pour Dawn dishwashing
detergent into plastic baggies, seal it, and then freeze it. The cold
effect lasts longer than using regular ice. Also, this type of ice pack
is reusable, whereas ice melts and has to be replaced. Interesting

  Wash That Driveway

While there are
many chemical solvents and degreasers on the market, most of these are
not biodegradable, but Dawn dishwashing detergent is. If you have
gasoline or motor oil stains on your driveway, you can use the kitty
litter method to clean up the excess oil and then use a solution of Dawn
dishwashing detergent and warm water to effectively remove excess motor
oil from the pavement. Using a scrub broom and a little bit of muscle
power, and your driveway will be once again oil-stain-free.

  Soak your Tools

After you have finished your automotive repair project, what are you
going to do with those dirty tools? Well, you can soak them in a
solution of Dawn dishwashing detergent before you put them away to
remove all the oil and grime from them. Apparently, many mechanics also
claim that using Dawn dishwashing detergent also helps prevent rust from
forming on the tools.


Merry Maids recommends using a drop of Dawn in water to clean ceramic tile and no-wax/linoleum floors. Note: don’t use Dawn on wood laminate (Pergo) or hardwood floors–any residue may dull the finish and cause streaking.

Clean your windows
with this recipe from Merry Maids:  mix 3-5 drops Dawn in 2 gallons warm
water.  Merry Maids advises holding back from using more:  use too much
and you may see streaks.

This is NOT a paid sponsor  or ad. And I have tried Dawn knock offs – and they are just not the same.


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