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Writing a Personal Mission Statement

Stephen R. Covey

Writing a personal mission statement, value statement, life statement, mantra, etc. is an
exercise I recommend to help clarify what matters to you most.  It’s also a great reason to
create some alone time and really get in touch with your authentic inner voice.  Set aside a
time and place without interruptions, maybe light a candle or put some real soft baroque-style
music on in the background and just “be.”  Don’t focus on the end result up front.  The goal is to
enjoy some deep, unrestricted thought first, and then put it all together later.

It make take a few minutes for you to settle in and detox from the world you’re stepping away from,
but you’ll know when you feel connected.  To inspire thought, most people find it helpful to use
 questioning to help frame their thinking.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

What qualities do I admire most about me?

What qualities would I most like to strengthen and display to the world more often?



Something to Wake Up For By Carolina Fernandez

A friend of mine sent me a link to this article this morning and it is something I can publish on the blog.  Hope you enjoy it!

Something to Wake Up For
By Carolina Fernandez Platinum Quality Author

Driving to work one morning last week, I was stopped at a light behind a large SUV, the woman driver scurrying madly through rush-hour traffic. Her vehicle proudly displayed two college decals, one from Harvard and the other from Dartmouth.

“Wow!” I thought. This mom’s got a couple of really smart cookies on her hands.

The light changed to green and as she got a little further ahead of me, I noticed a bumper sticker at the bottom of her SUV which read: “I have no idea where I’m going.”

What a contrast! This mom who raised two kids smart enough to gain entry into two of the toughest schools in the world…and she has no idea where she’s going?!? (“B-I-M-B-O” crossed the synapses of my brain…)


But there’s more available. And it’s well within reach.

This weekend found me in Washington, D.C. for an annual conference of like-minded men and women across the country. It offered leadership training of the highest caliber. Having attended this forum regularly for the past ten years, I always look forward to reconnecting with old friends and to making new ones during the September conference ritual. I hung out, as usual, with three of my favorite women on the planet; Alyse and LaNeil are each eighty-two years old and Shirley is sixty-five. They each possess vitality rarely seen in people half their age. Their faces glow. Their eyes twinkle. They are warm and wonderful, healthy and vibrant, curious and generous.

They devote their time to causes which they enthusiastically embrace. They are passionate. They work diligently. Without pay, they serve as foot soldiers for the critical issues of our time. They have something to wake up for. They have a following; people depend on their leadership. Young people rely on their mentoring. Still others seek their wisdom and knowledge of the issues in an effort to become better equipped to deliver the same message with vigor to listeners entangled in their own network of friends and associates.

One of the secrets of discovering your significance is to find that for which you were created. I can assure you: we were not created to live in isolation. Nor in self-serving, self-indulgent behaviors that bring immediate but short-lived satisfaction. We were created for community. For service. For expanding our little corner of the universe for the benefit of others. To take on missions larger than self with far-reaching implications for the generations to follow.

If you are looking for a secret to living with exuberant vitality, find a cause. Join a mission. Seek to connect your inner passion with the vision of someone who has come before you. With one who is working in the center of the universe to effect massive change.

Want glowing skin? Sparkling eyes? A youthful bounce to your step? Longevity? Vitality? Find something to wake up for. Be it your own kids or your spouse, your neighborhood or your elected officials, worldwide hunger or inexcusable illiteracy: get involved! It’ll help you put that foot on the floor every morning and encourage you to truly get up and at ‘em.

Onward and upward!


Carolina Fernandez has been guiding mothers through the trenches of frontline motherhood for almost twenty years. She wholeheartedly embraces her role as “mother mentor” to today’s young moms all over the world. Through her own observations and experiences of the oftentimes lonely and painful unchartered waters of parenting while raising her own four kids away from family, friends and hometown, she helps other moms navigate similar waters. She founded the ROCKET MOM SOCIETY, an international “club for moms,” where she hopes to “encourage, equip and empower moms for excellence.” To become a member or for more details, please visit

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The problem with most people is that they know they need goals, and they may even set a few, but they are vague or kept in their head and never really clear or articulated. Write your goals down, post them somewhere and look at them every day. Don’t write them in a book and put the book away and forget about them. Focus on them daily. Get motivated and stay motivated. And stay focused on what you really want in your life.

You can create a life you want, a Life by Design!