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If you are experiencing dissatisfaction with your life and your work, a possible reason for this malaise may involve complacency and insufficient novelty.

When your work loses its challenge, life and work may feel bland. Consequently, injecting excitement through the continual pursuit of excellence may improve your level of satisfaction immensely.

Living by the following principles will provide such an injection.

Find and follow your passion.
When you love what you do and truly put your heart and soul into it, you can’t help but feel exhilarated.

Do more than is expected of you.
Don’t limit yourself to just completing what is in your job description. Offer a higher level of service – a level which brings you pride and gratification in what you offer.

Believe that what you do makes a difference.
Find the ways that your activities can better the lives of others and focus on this effect. If you touch the lives of even a few people in the world, you have made a difference.

Exercise your creativity.
Develop innovative methods for rendering your services. Deliver services not offered before. Let the creative juices flow and see what happens.

Customize and personalize your services.
Each client comes to you with highly unique needs. Rather than offering a standard package of services or products, work toward fully meeting the needs of the individual by formulating a unique package for that single person or corporation.

Emphasize the process rather than the outcome.
By focusing on doing your utmost each and every day in the field of your choice and on the joy of creating the best product or services you can deliver, you can feel gratified with your work, even if others do not respond as you wish.

Rather than settling for an ordinary, humdrum life, seek to soar by reaching for excellence in all you do. Follow your passion. Live and work creatively. You can end up with a quality of life you never dreamed possible.

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Brian Tracy – Get Everything You Want

Long before THE SECRET, Brian Tracy was a great motivator for me.

In his book  GOALS – HOW TO GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT, he recommends writing goals in the present tense but including a deadline, creating awkward conceptualizations of this sort: “I earn an average of $5,000 a month by April 1.” You need to be persistent but flexible, full of dreams but also practical. Dependability is your most important trait but there are many others cited as important, key or critical: your ability to set goals and make plans, a sense of control, the practice of single handling, dedication, vision, visualization, e.g., “ability to visualize is perhaps the most important faculty that you possess.”

Brian Tracy’s colorful quips and cheerleading helps people think in big, exciting terms. In the first three chapters, he quotes or cites himself, sales trainer Tom Hopkins, Mark McCormack, Victor Frankl (founder of logotherapy), Aristotle, Stanford University, billionaire H. L. Hunt, motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, Alexander Graham Bell, Eleanor Roosevelt, Buddy Hackett, Gary Zukav, James Allen, Edward Banfield, peak performer Charles Garfield, and Peter Drucker – an eclectic mix of anecdotes and attributions. There’s lots of food for thought like, “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: “One bite at a time.”

His conclusions are twenty-one steps, which follow directly from his chapter titles, beginning with “Unlock your potential,” “Take charge of your life,” “Create your own future,” and ending with “Unlock your inborn creativity,” “Do something every day,” and “Persist until you succeed.”

You can’t hit a target that you can’t see. The starting point of great success is when you sit down and decide exactly what you really want, in every area of your life. This book by Brian Tracy will show you how to do this better and faster than you ever dreamed possible.



Brian Tracy Teleseminar January 17th 2007

Brain Tracy Live Teleseminar 
Happy New Year!
The next Brian Tracy Teleseminar has been scheduled!
And the new year is all about goal setting!

In addition to the hour + of speaking and interactive Q&A, Brian gives back nearly $300 worth of programs to the attendees who spend only $149 on his LIVE Teleseminar. These have been hugely successful in the past, and Brian is considered one of the leaders in motivational speaking.

What you get for  $149

  • The Ultimate Goals Program (6-CD program, plus workbook)
  • Personal Time Management (DVD)
  • Goals! How to Get Everything You Want — Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible (Soft Cover Book)
  • Create Your Own Future (Soft Cover Book)
  • Maximum Achievement Goal Planner (workbook)
  • Time Management For Results (1 hr CD)
  • Complete recording of Goals! on CD
  • Complete seminar outline with all key points (sent by email for reference and review)

    (What is a Teleseminar? It’s very similar to a teleconference, but in a more controlled environment. Brian will speak for one hour and then the lines will open for a Q & A session. Simply dial the phone number (e-mailed automatically upon completion of order), enter your PIN, and you’ll be connected to the teleconference. The bonus programs are sent to every participant’s mailing address after the Teleseminar.) Sign up now!

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    2007 – A New Year – A New YOU!

    New Year’s Resolutions, for many, these words bring up memories of previous failed attempts at setting
    and reaching goals. Setting resolutions to start the year off can be a wonderful thing. It shows your desire
    to improve yourself, your life and the lives of those closest to you. But reaching goals requires planning and follow through. Understanding the reasons why most New Year’s Resolutions fail can help you work through your goals and increase your chances for success.

    Goals are over-ambitious.

    What type of goals do you normally set? Do you want to lose 50 pounds this year, organize your whole home, or learn a new sport? Maybe your expectations are not realistic. – Try to break down your goals into manageable chunks. For example, maybe instead of organizing your entire home, you want to set a more achievable goal of organizing one room in your home. You can set one goal per month, rather than setting a large goal for the entire year.

    You are setting goals based on what you think you should want, not what you really want.

    Setting goals because they work for someone else does not make them appropriate for you. Whenever you try to measure up to someone else’s way of life, you are creating goals that are not reasonable. Instead, take a look at your own life and decide what area you would like to work on, just for you. Choose this area as a place to start your self-improvement.

    Goals are not specific and do not have a plan of action.

    Goals, without a specific plan on achieving the goal, are simply wishes. “I wish I was more organized” will not prompt you into action. “I plan on becoming more organized this year. First, I will create a calendar to easily show all the important dates. Once I complete that, I will organize my desk at home, throwing away any papers I no longer need.” By writing your goal and the process on paper, you change from wish to goal.

    This month we will remind you of the  ways for you to really live your life by design.

    D- Decide what it is you really want
    E – Establish a plan
    S – Set yourself up for success
    I – Internalize your vision
    G – Go beyond goals
    N- Never stop designing