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Inspirational Mothers Day Contest

mothers day contest

Countdown to Mother’s Day!

Very seldom in life do we meet people with such amazing gifts that we are left stunned. Earnestine Robinson is one of those rare people. She is able to create music so intricate, many consider it impossible to do without a background in music. Despite no formal music training, with her faith and family, she rises from humble southern roots to become an unlikely composer of classical music that takes her all the way to Carnegie Hall and to a world premiere in Europe.

Earnestine does not  question her source. She trusts God to guide her and just continues to create extraordinary music that has taken her all the way to Carnegie Hall three times.
While some stories are interesting and others explore and push the reader to think, it is usually the inspirational stories that touch the soul. Her book “Driven by Faith” is a “must-read” for anyone who has struggled to answer the question, “Why am I here?”

Earnestine’s gift is more than just creating some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear. It’s also about family, faith and giving back. To this end, Earnestine and her family are holding a contest, one that could include you and your mother.

Join us for this very unique “Countdown to Mother’s Day!”

1. Submit in 500 words or less your special Mother’s Day story.It can be funny, sentimental, bold or all of these and more. Submit  HERE.


2. Each day, prior to Mother’s Day, come back and share special thoughts you have on the upcoming special day on Earnestine’s timeline on Facebook.

3. Share your thoughts with all your friends.

The first 100 people to actively post on Earnestine’s timeline will win the opportunity to participate in a special live, online Earnestine Robinson Master Class. She will discuss and take questions on how to find your purpose and the role of faith in reaching your destiny.

On Mother’s Day, three winners will be chosen and each receive a $100 gift card from Amazon and a copy of Earnestine’s book “Driven By Faith”. Each of the stories will be posted on Earnestine’s Facebook page.

Make this your best Mother’s Day ever!


Help Hens for Better Caging


Tell Egg Producers to Get Hens Out of Cruel Cages Nationwide

What’s a battery cage?

A battery cage is a tiny, wire cage about the size of a filing cabinet drawer. Typically, up to a dozen chickens are crammed into a single cage, and the cages are stacked in tiers inside giant windowless sheds that can run the length of two football fields. Each shed can confine hundreds of thousands of chickens, each with less space than a single sheet of notebook paper to live out her entire life.

In such extreme confinement, these poor animals can’t even spread their wings, much less move around without stepping on and climbing over other hens.

Just weeks before California voters went to the polls to cast their ballots to give egg-laying hens more room, my friends at Mercy For Animals released startling video footage from inside two of the state’s largest egg factories. The videos showed birds packed in cages so tightly that they could hardly move, countless chickens injured and trapped by cage wire, and dead hens left to rot in cages with live birds still laying eggs for human consumption.

Although these inherently cruel cages are now banned in California, millions of animals throughout the rest of country continue to suffer in these gut-wrenching conditions.

This has got to stop.

Please join me, and Mercy For Animals, in calling on United Egg Producers—the industry trade group that represents nearly 90 percent of U.S. egg producers—to require all its members to go cage-free. Thirty seconds of your time to sign this petition could help alleviate the needless suffering of millions of chickens.


Ambulance Wish Foundation made the Farewells Possible


The man above , Mario (patient last name withheld), is a 54-year-old volunteer who worked with the Rotterdam Zoo in the Netherlands for years. He has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and had one wish: To say goodbye to the animals he had cared for.

Thanks to a Dutch organization called the Ambulance Wish Foundation, Mario is one of a few lucky people that are granted a final wish when they are terminally ill. The photo, which was shared on the AWF Facebook page Thursday morning, shot to the front page of Reddit only a few hours later. Much like the American organization Make-A-Wish, AWF operates thanks to the kindness of volunteers that work together to bring people’s dreams to fruition.



Target is Worried about Unions and Paying Employees Decent Wages


EMPLOYEES  deserve a fair wage!

Like Walmart, many of Target’s employees are underpaid, forced to work part-time schedules and are forced to resort to safety nets like SNAP, housing assistance, Medicaid, and EITC while shareholders reap the benefits of their hard work and Target’s CEO, Gregg Steinhafel, makes almost $14,000 per hour–(that’s $3,000 per hour more than Walmart CEO Mike Duke)

So naturally TARGET, like corporate welfare queen Walmart is TERRIFIED of unions coming into their stores

Now, Target has updated its anti-union training video that every Target team member is forced to watch–and it’s one of the worst things you will ever see.




Resale Store Refuses to Give Homeless Man a Coat, Woman Opens Free Shop in Response


A little store in a Hollister, Missouri shopping center is offering the basic needs — clothing, hygiene items and baby supplies — at incredible prices. They’re all free.

The shop, called Selfless Blessings, was started by Andrea Berdine after she witnessed a thrift store turning away a man who asked if he could have one of their coats.

“He wasn’t asking for money,” she told KY3 news. “He was cold, and he was wet, and he needed a coat.”

Like many of us, Berdine was compelled to act. “I found him, gave him a coat… (and) told him how sorry we were, couldn’t believe that happened in our community,” she says.

After posting her frustration on Facebook, a new group was born, wanting to do good for those in need.

Now she runs a shop of her own where people throughout the community come to drop off bags of used clothes and household items so Andrea and her volunteers can give them away.

“We have supporters come in and drop a $10.00 donation and leave with nothing but a hug,” Andrea told the Good News Network. “We have others who come in and leave with bags full of food and toiletries and pay nothing, but a thankful hug.”

“A lot of people told me I was crazy, but crazy has turned into a perfect storm of giving,” she added. “There have been trials as far as funding, but it always seems to come out in the wash.”

The Facebook group is open to all at SelflessBlessings.

(WATCH the inspiring video at

DONATE: (Selfless Blessings, Inc. has applied for, but not yet received, 501C3 non-profit status):

– 153 1st Street, Turkey Creek Junction, Hollister, MO. 65672

– Make cash donations through Paypal or credit card at

– Anyone wishing to receive a written acknowledgment of your donation will need to ask for the same at the time of the donation.


Please Watch BLACKFISH and Boycott Sea World

 Everyone needs to see the new  documentary BLACKFISH. And if you have kids, have them watch it also. 

Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s documentary Blackfish follows Tilikum, the orca responsible for three deaths while in captivity, including the 2010 death of Dawn Brancheau, a 40-year-old trainer at SeaWorld, which made headlines around the world. It looks devastating to an entertainment industry bent on putting these creatures in tiny pools, and should be.

Country star Trace Adkins has decided not to sing at SeaWorld to
avoid controversy over how the Orlando, Florida, theme park treats its

Adkins joins a long list
of musical acts who have canceled shows that were scheduled as part of
SeaWorld’s “Bands, Blues & BBQ” in February and March.

Protestors and contract-shredding musical acts haven’t been enough to slow the turnstile clicks at SeaWorld Entertainment (SEAS).
The controversial operator of marine-life parks revealed on Monday that
it enjoyed a wave of record attendance levels at its three namesake

There have been 70  “accidents”  with killer whales in the last 20 years.

This must stop!

Would YOU want to live your life inside a 50ft square box?  It’s the same thing.


12-12-12 thru 12-21-12 – what does it mean?

Well, it’s December 2012…finally. Is your mind reeling with
possibilities? Your heart swelling with expectations? Your body anxious
to house more of YOU? Your spirit so very ready to connect with Home in
this new way? Are the many possibilities racing through your mind and
heart about the grand Expiration Date of 12-21-12? Are you as ready for the 12-12-12 through 12-21-12 shift-point as
you possibly can be? Do you have any fears, worries or confusions about
this monumental transition we’re about to traverse…many of us while in
our physical bodies?

In Cosmic Awareness’s message below, he/It/they talk about a Key in the Heart and include a great meditation/visualization about using this key to access and interact with your personal inner “God drop” as Sandra Walter — who I also only recently discovered thanks to another reader — called it that exists within our hearts. See how many of the different Ascension Teachers—both incarnate and not—have been making these interesting connections during this 2012 autumn? This too is an aspect of the December 12-12-12 through 12-21-12 shift-point trigger energies. It’s also how those of us who’ve been scattered far and wide and flying under the radar of Team Dark, isolated in our locations for decades and lifetimes, are being increasingly and openly connected for all involved. Here comes the new High Heart blueprints and ways.

 The Ancient Mayan calendar speaks of
12-12-2012 as the end of times as we know it, and the beginning of a
new cycle of evolution for planet earth, humanity and the cosmos. Mayan
elders say that the Ancients were informing the modern world to be ready
for a giant transformation for the human race. Interestingly,
traditions across the world including Buddhism, Tao, Hopi and Vedic
knowledge predict a ‘Golden Age’ or ‘Satyug’ in their calendars around
the same period. December 2012 is being looked upon as a significant
spiritual event and a momentous shift in the collective consciousness of
the planet.

 12-12-12 is a beautiful opportunity for
transformation and healing on a personal and global level. We are
invited to allow the supportive energies of Mother Earth to open our
hearts and be ready for expansion.

In a very real sense what occurs on the 12-12-12 is the Ascension,
and what takes place on December 21, 2012is the Initial Birthing
Solstice of the New Earth. That is because the ‘mechanics’ of the actual
ascending process (that enables the Ascension) occurs on the 12-12-12.

Accordingly it is what happens on December 12, 2012 that finalizes
the activations and network-connections of all the Master Crystals,
Crystalline Fields, Grid Points, Power Nodes, & Vortexial-Portal
Sites to the Crysto-Sun Disc and 144 Grid.

On the 12-12-12, for the first time, all of these crucial aspects
combine, network and tie into the completed 144 Crystalline Grid. At
precisely 12:12 pm from the Crystal Vortex, will the ascending energy
merge and be tangibly felt. All will tie initially into the Crysto Sun
Disc of Pinnacle Mountain located in the largest strata of Crystal on
your planet, and then connect to the grid.

spiritualists, astrologers, and other people involved in “New Age”
religions or other approaches to spirituality think December 21, 2012
(or December 12, 2012) is going to be a big day.
They say
that the ancient Mayan calendar’s cycle will stop and then restart then,
and that something significant will take place. Their predictions range
from cataclysmic events to the world being “reborn” Dec. 21, 2012 (or
Dec. 12, 2012).

Kiam Moriya, from Birmingham Alabama, was born on December 12, 2000 12 minutes after midday, in Bronxville, New York.

“It’s like one minute out of a whole lifetime,” Kiam told “You know, it’s all 12s.”

HOW COOL IS THAT??Do you think he is going to be special? I think so!



The Mayan Prophecy of 2012

The other I was with  a group of friends and the topic of the Mayan 2012 prediction came up in conversation. And it has been a topic I have pondered  a lot over  the last year.

A New Age interpretation of this transition is that this date (12-21-12) marks the start of
time in which Earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical
or spiritual transformation, and that 2012 may mark the beginning of a new era. Others suggest that the 2012 date marks the end of the world or a similar catastrophe.Scenarios suggested for the end of the world include the arrival of the next solar maximum, or Earth’s collision with an object such as a black hole, a passing asteroid, or a planet called “Nibiru”.

So while doing a Google search today I found this cool site called 13 Moon and in particular a section by Eden Sky where she discusses in length, the mysteries of the ancient Maya.

Since 1995, Eden Sky has devoted her life to researching and teaching the mysteries of the Ancient Maya, their prophecies, and their astounding time science. Eden has studied directly under Dr. Jose Arguelles, the man who is largely responsible for the global interest in the Mayan Calendar System and the now infamous 2012 date, including a 7-week long residential seminary with Arguelles in Chile.

In my eyes, the last few years I have seen this rising, this intensity, fear, hate, killing and greed  happening all around us. So what I read,  really resonated with me.

Eden says, “Together we are in a great initiation process, living in times of unprecedented challenge, transformation and opportunity. This planetary moment has never existed before as it does right now. Our human population is climbing off the charts, accelerating by the day, as is our environmental crises and the vast whole-system struggles of peoples worldwide, both physically and spiritually.

The old world mentality, founded in separation, greed, ignorance, and unconscious consumer materialism, has reached dangerous peaks. Simultaneously, there has never been so much possibility at our fingertips as there is right now. A new paradigm is trying to emerge in our world, through our hearts and minds, like a flower trying to grow through the cracks in the cement sidewalk. New comprehensions and new solutions are emerging in our collective journey – from new sciences, to new economic models, new healing modalities, new energy technologies, new educational models, new forms of conflict resolution, etc. These times of crisis are unifying us and catalyzing us to awaken to our personal and collective responsibilities in this one planetary equation.”

“The Solstice on December 21, 2012 ~ precisely at 11:11 AM Universal Time ~ marks the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar.

Rather than being a linear end-point, this cycle that is closing is naturally followed by the start of a new cycle. What this new cycle has in store for humanity is a mystery that has yet to unfold…

2012 is also considered the completion of the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinoxes cycle, and some say it also signifies the end of a 104,000 year cycle.

The New Cycle that is to emerge is founded on us awakening to the beauty and responsibility of our interconnectedness. Every one of us has a piece in this cosmic puzzle, and we must help each other find our heart’s guidance in these mysterious times. As we recognize we are in a Global Healing Crisis, we can shake off the wounded victim mentality, and arise as Medicine Warriors, here to do the necessary work to help lay the ground for a New Era to root, conscious of our obligations to future generations.

Carlos Barrios, who was trained as an Ajq’ij in the Maya tradition, has this to share in regards to 2012:

“Our planet can be renewed or ravaged. Now is the time to awaken and take action…The prophesized changes are going to happen, but our attitude and actions determine how harsh or mild they are.

“This is a crucially important moment for humanity and for earth. Each person is important. If you have incarnated into this era, you have spiritual work to do balancing the planet…The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It’s encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find you heart, and you will find your way.”

Her site provides lots of free and fascinating information about The New Cycle and the Mayan Prophecy.


Anti Gay Bullying Claims Life in Iowa

Gay Teen Bullied to death.

A 14-year old gay teen died by suicide Saturday in Primghar, Iowa, after coming out as gay and being bullied for months, according to a report.

There are no other news reports yet, but there is a Facebook group created in his memory.

One entry notes, “Its sad to see how people cannot just see past a
persons identity and just see them as a human,” while another reads,
“You took his happiness away from him..,” and another, “No one deserves
to be bullied! My sympathies to the family and friends of Kenneth! And
to the kids that bullied him hope you sleep okay knowing that you drove a
young man to an early fate, you should be ashamed of yourself!”

A Facebook page
which appears to be that of the same Kenneth James Weishuhn lists his
nickname as Rodney. The last entry was March 30.

The death is currently under investigation by the O’Brien County Sherriffs Dept. along with local law enforcement.

A tribute video was published to YouTube yesterday.

Get a tissue. You will need it.


Statewide Gay Marriage Must be Stopped – According to NEWT

RIGHT WING WATCH says, “Today on a conference call with the Gingrich Faith Leaders Coalition
that included guest speakers Jim Garlow and J.C. Watts, Newt Gingrich claimed
that he will push for not only a federal marriage amendment to outlaw
marriage equality but also a federal law to prohibit states from
legalizing same-sex marriage.

 He claimed that states with marriage
equality are contributing to legal “chaos” and said that “if we are
going to defend marriage in the end it will probably require a federal
law.” After a questioner asked whether same-sex marriage would lead to
people seeking to marry dogs and cows, Gingrich, who on an earlier
conference call described same-sex marriage as “paganism,”
didn’t push back against the offensive comparison to bestiality but
instead blamed the country’s teachers for why people are more accepting
of such beliefs.

Seriously Newt?