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Reaching Out to Help a Fellow Blogger – Bad Evans


This is something I came across and wanted to share with all of you. In my work, I read a lot of blogs. And I discovered a GLBT blog called BAD EVANS about a month ago. He writes about news, politics, fashion, entertainment, etc. I think he has been blogging about 8 months and has a pretty popular blog.

At any rate, he has  been suffering from Sever Ulcerative Colitis for a couple of years now, I found out. He has been on  very high doses of steroids for 2 years now, and they  are  taking their toll on his body. The side effects are becoming just as bad as the disease. The doctors have said that they can’t keep him on that treatment any longer. It’s time to operate. This week, he is   having a complete Colectomy. You know, they go in and take out your entire large intestine, colon and rectum. He is a  26 year old cute gay boy!! You think of someone having major surgery like that when they are much older. Not 26.

Luckily, his surgery and needed medical supplies will be covered. The surgery is a 6 hour procedure and he will be bed ridden at the hospital for 2 weeks. Alone. It’s too far for his  family to drive and they really can’t afford to both pay for a hotel room for 2 weeks and take that time off from work. So, people are trying to raise a little money which could  be used so that his  family can be with him  through his  hospital stay. 

At this site,  Life By Design, we try to be  inspirational and motivational and it’s  all about living a positive life, being kind to others, and trying to make a difference. And that’s how my partner and I try to live our lives. And when someone is in need, we try to help. We don’t have much. And since trying to launch our own business, there are scarey months where we are not even sure we can pay all of our bills. But we do what we can. So I am telling you this story about Evan to share his life drama with you. And if someone finds it in their hearts to help  this young man out, he is able to take contributions online  through PayPal to paypal @  –  If you don’t have a PAYPAL account, there is a tip jar on the left hand sidebar of this site, you can leave a donation there and we can forward it to thim.  This is not a scam. We are just trying to help out a fellow gay blogger.

People like Oprah and Bill Clinton talk about the power of giving. Everyone doing little things can make a difference in this world. No matter what you have, or where you  are at in your life, there is always someone worse off and less fortunate. We just try to be grateful every day for what we have and help when we can.

So on that note, you are in our thoughts and prayers, Evan! 

Michael Snell and Derrick Sorles

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Social Good Happens At Razoo

Zaadz, Razoo is a platform for Social Good! “Causes inspire us. At Razoo, we are a community of people, changing the world one passion at a time. Find one that interests you and start contributing!”

Razoo is a place to meet people and join groups with similar interests and shared visions. “Every little act causes change. As a community, we can move mountains!”

You can learn, contribute and take action at Razoo. Pick a cause – or tell everyone about your own cause!

“Our mission at Razoo is simple: to promote social good and to inspire others to get involved by making giving and serving fun, easy, and meaningful.

This mission is at the heart of our name. A “razoo” is a coin of the smallest value. The idea behind naming our company after what might seem insignificant to some, is that when combined, small contributions have great value. This word “razoo” is the root of what our business is all about–small actions coming together to change your life and to change your world.

And, we really do believe big changes can happen, not just on local and global issues, but also in the lives of people who choose to give to and serve others. At the core of Razoo is the belief that life is more rewarding when lived for others.

Razoo is an unusual company in that our success is wrapped up in something that’s hard to measure, but easy to spot. We measure our success by the number of people who find their passion, have an ‘ah-ha’ moment, are inspired to take action, and experience a paradigm shift.

Razoo exists to help people find their passion. We built Razoo as a platform that helps you learn about various causes and connect with people who care deeply about similar issues. It’s a place where you can discover what makes you come alive. It’s different for each of us, so learn.

Razoo exists to inspire you towards and celebrate ‘ah ha’ moments. By providing a platform for expression, we hope to share moments of fulfillment with each other. These moments can happen anywhere, any time — while working at an inner city school, visiting a family who lives in a trash dump in Nicaragua, or helping a neighbor shovel snow from their driveway — and provide the fuel to propel us towards greater service and sacrifice. There are so many great stories, so connect.

Razoo exists to make it easy to give and serve. Our ultimate hope is to see people become more socially conscious and entrepreneurial by focusing on action, practical solutions, and enterprise. And so our website is a place that allows anyone to provide practical examples of what we can do to get our toe in the water so as to start making a difference in our world. You can start making a difference today, so take action.

Razoo exists to change your world. Giving is huge part of our existence, and we would like to see a change in giving of the heart and mind, not just in the wallet. This endeavor is the greatest of our experiments. It is not simply a question of can we build a popular website, but can we build one that also changes hearts, minds, and culture. As you begin to make local and global changes, we’re convinced that the greatest change that will take place is within you. We invite you to get involved in Razoo with us, so get started and invite others.”

Get Your Daily Dose of Good Stuff!

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Michael Moore and His Newest Film Sicko

           Michael Moore spreads propaganda? Why can’t we admit when we (the United States) are wrong?

I saw SICKO this past weekend and loved it. I think most people have some health care horror story. I am presently involved in a battle with AETNA for a $15,000 claim they are refusing to pay. 2 years ago, I was involved in an accident and rushed by ambulance  to a nearby hospital, unconscious. When I woke up, my face was bandaged and I had 200 stitches in it. I had good insurance coverage and never heard anything from Aetna, so I assumed everything was covered and there were no problems.

18 months pass and I get a bill from the doctor for $15,000.  He said Aetna refused to pay him. He had appealed and they denied the appeal. Why wasn’t I ever copied in on any of this by Aetna? When I phoned Aetna they said they were denying the claim because the hospital and the doctor were not “In Network”.  –  If I was unconscious, how was I supposed to pick a hospital and a doctor? Furthermore, Aetna claims the apeal was filed 3 days after the allowable window of 180 days, and was therefore denying the appeal as well. Aetna NEVER contacted me or questioned me or notified me or my employer, they were not paying this claim. So even when you have insurance, it does not mean they will always cover you. Now had I been in France, Canada or the UK, it would all be covered. People also live longer than we do, in those countries. Our goverment needs to step in and get ahold of this problem. I will gladly pay higher taxes in lieu of the $450 a month I currently pay for bad coverage.

John W Rowe earned $22.2 million in compensation as CEO of Aetna. Rowe has since left Aetna. “Forbes 2004 Executive Pay list,” April 21, 2005.

By the way, I had the honor of working for Michael Moore back in the late 70’s in Flint, Michigan. I think he is an amazing investigative  reporter who does a great job of exposing the facts.

Michael Snell

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Pursue The Passion

           Pursue the Passion addresses this issue by interviewing people who are propelled by a love for their work. From these interviews, our mission is to assist aspiring individuals to find work they can be passionate about by producing resources that help direct and guide their pursuit.

Join the journey this summer as we embark on a three month, 14,000 mile journey to conduct 200 interviews across the country. Read about the interviews, the journey, and see where our tour is headed!

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Liz Strauss – The Genuis That Is You

thepres6 @ FLICKR)

I enjoy great writing; great story telling.  Words that evoke moods and feelings.
We were very fortunate this year to make a friendship with the very talented Chicago writer and publisher  Liz Strauss. And one of my favorite sites is her personal writing blog.

Last year she did this piece I want to share with you. But please stop by her blog as well and read some of her moving and inspirational writings! –

“If it hasn’t yet, sometime it will happen.

Life is being life. Time is passing. Then snap, tug. Someone or something will pull the rug out from under you.

Blindsided. Unexpected. The floor’s gone and the ground went with it. Unless your world is perfectly balanced—who’s is perfectly balanced?—you find yourself like Alice falling to places unknown. Suddenly life is not the same. Time slows. It slows, almost stopping. You try to make sense of it, but nothing’s there. Nothing’s there. Your brain is a blank. You almost aren’t there. You are numb. Questions assault you. Answers watch.

You’re still aware that 2 follows 1, but aren’t sure who you see when you look in the mirror. If your world wasn’t real, maybe you weren’t real either. It’s the personal equivalent of finding out the world’s not round or the sky’s not blue. You’d be knocked on your ass, but the ground went away with the rug where you once stood.

You carve a cave out of rock and nail a new rug to the floor. You let friends come to visit, but only one at a time.

Wrapped in a blanket for comfort, you don’t want to hide, but you know you won’t make it, if you get knocked down one more time. That’s okay. Safety’s healing medicine to a hurt spirit. Build a fire. Warm your heart. Tend your bruises. Find space for breathing. Get some sleep and dream of stars. Let the angels keep watch outside.

Soon enough—I hope it’s soon—you’ll find your feet. You see you still have hands. Thoughts in your head will be ones of wisdom. Sunshine will call you to go outside, to pick one wildflower, to breathe the air. For one split second, you’ll take a peek up at the sky.

It will be so very bright, and light, and brilliant blue. You’ll know more than you ever knew before that the world is round.

You’ll know your feet, your hands, your head are all your own. You’ll feel your confidence in your bloodstream and start thinking that it might be fun to take a risk. You’ll look back through time and see so many things about you that were damn brilliant before that sad, old rug took a dive. You’ll be determined that you’ll have back every part of you, every bit you’d set aside.

That’s when the galaxy will breathe a silent sigh of relief, a whispering wind like angelsong. Joy will travel from star to star, from leaf to leaf. The universe has been waiting, wishing for you. You have been missed. The world needs you.

Genius is misunderstood and mistreated.

Each of us brings uniqueness, genius, to the world.

If you didn’t come back, we would always miss the genius that is you.”

                                                                                                 —me strauss Letting me be


Make Money With Discount Travel

          Internet Marketing business. This blog is about inspiration and motivation and designing a life you really want – not accepting a life as it is and going through the motions like a hamster stuck on his wheel. There are so many ways to create and design a life that brings you happiness and success, we strive to share ideas with readers to inspire them.

At a
conference here in Chicago, for online publishing, I met a young man named Tim Draayer who has a blog and he told us how he had gotten involved with YTB Travel and it was changing his life! After just a few short months he was receiving his first $1,000 bonus check! I was intrigued!

We did our due diligence, checked out the company and decided we wanted a piece of that $7 trillion travel pie! We had heard of other MLM ventures but we decided to join YTB because the product was travel! We love to travel, my family loves to travel, my friends like to travel, and I’m willing to bet that YOU probably like to travel too!

So, owning our own online travel site was an obvious match. It’s easy AND it’s passive revenue! All you do is refer people to your
YTB Travel website. If they want their own Travel Business you just refer them to your YTB marketing site to allow them to watch an online business presentation. No fuss. No hassle. They make their own decision.

We were looking for passive and residual income and I knew that an online business is what we needed. The thing that sold me on joining YTB was that there was no inventory to keep, no minimum monthly purchases to make, and no science or product testimonials to promote.

YTB hosts your website and fulfills all of your customer’s travel plans. The expense is minimal when you consider startup costs of a brick and mortar travel business.

YTB Travel offers your customers the same room in the hotel, the same seat on the plane, the same car, the same cabin on a cruise that they find on the other big name sites, and our prices or the same or lower, the best part is: YOU make money just for referring people to your site.

The Internet has changed the face of marketing forever. 10 years ago you never could have shown your business to thousands of people in a single day (especially when during 9-10 of those hours were spent at your day job.) The world can be your marketplace, thanks to the Internet.

If you are ready to save some money on travel, AND make some money on travel-
join us now!

Derrick Sorles   to read more details   to book travel


Big Dream Gathering

SOBCon conference we met about 10 blog publishers from there! One of our  new blogger friends from there is  Sandy Renshaw of Purple Wren. Her blog is all about tools and techniques for business communications. 

Recently, she was telling us about Big Dream Gathering, which actually took place in Iowa this past May. BDG was a huge free event inviting people to come share their dreams! You can visit the blog and see all kinds of great videos and stories.

“EVERYBODY has big dreams.  And… EVERYBODY comes up against obstacles… challenges and road blocks… in pursuit of their dreams.  So… why not bring everybody together to dream… connect… and see what happens?”

Stop by and see what they’re doing!


Happiness with Dr. Happy

Yesterday I found a great site – The Happiness Institute!

The Happiness Institute was established in September, 2003 by Dr. Timothy J. Sharp. Dr. Sharp (also known as Dr. Happy) is a well-known, highly regarded clinical and coaching psychologist who has devoted the last few years of his career to building an award winning private practice from which he and his team have helped thousands of people overcome problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia and relationship difficulties.

With the aim of teaching as many people as possible to be happier, The Happiness Institute offers a range of services based on extensive research, particularly from the growing field of positive psychology. Positive psychology is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of health and well-being and is based on the premise that it is not enough just to manage stress and depression.

Check out their blog and register for their e-newsletter and get a free e-book – 20 Simple Tips To Be Happy.


How Do You SPEND Your Time?

\nYou don’t.\u003cbr\>\n\u003cbr\>\n\u003cb\>This is where you create a schedule.\u003c/b\> It’s how you’ll manage your\npriorities.\u003cbr\>\n\u003cbr\>\n\u003cb\>Please don’t get frightened now – it’s not as hard as most of us\nmake it.\u003c/b\> Depending on what you need to do, you make your schedule\nwork for you.\u003cbr\>\n\u003cbr\>\n\u003cb\>Some people work better with a loose schedule.\u003c/b\> That means that\nthey block out periods of time to work on their priorities. Lets say\nthat you want to work on your business and your family. You block out a\nperiod of time for your business – maybe during school hours. It’s\nimportant to focus on your task and nothing else.\u003cbr\>\n\u003cbr\>\n\u003cb\>Other people work better with a tight schedule.\u003c/b\> That means that\nthey schedule every activity down to the minute – or quarter of an\nhour. For people who do this, care must be taken to schedule “down”\ntime – time to think and create. It’s important to not get too rigid\nwith your schedule.\u003cbr\>\n\u003cbr\>\n\u003cb\>So how are you going to spend your coins of time?\u003c/b\>\u003cbr\>\n\u003cbr\>\n\u003cblockquote\>\n \u003cblockquote\>Diana Lindstrom, PMP, CTACC, is the founder and owner of\nLos Lobos Consulting, LLC. Her website/blog is\n \u003ca href\u003d\"\" target\u003d\"_blank\" onclick\u003d\"return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)\"\>\u003c/a\>.\nDiana coaches executives, project\nmanagers, and business owners who want to figure out their priorities\nand learn how to manage them. If you’d like to know more about Diana,\nplease visit her blog.\u003cbr\>\n \u003c/blockquote\>\n\u003c/blockquote\>\n\u003cbr\>\n\u003chr size\u003d\"2\" width\u003d\"100%\"\>\u003cbr\>\n\u003c/div\>\n\n",0] ); //-->
You don’t.

This is where you create a schedule. It’s how you’ll manage your priorities.

Please don’t get frightened now – it’s not as hard as most of us make it. Depending on what you need to do, you make your schedule work for you.

Some people work better with a loose schedule. That means that they block out periods of time to work on their priorities. Lets say that you want to work on your business and your family. You block out a period of time for your business – maybe during school hours. It’s important to focus on your task and nothing else.

Other people work better with a tight schedule. That means that they schedule every activity down to the minute – or quarter of an hour. For people who do this, care must be taken to schedule “down” time – time to think and create. It’s important to not get too rigid with your schedule.

So how are you going to spend your coins of time?

Diana Lindstrom, PMP, CTACC, is the founder and owner of Los Lobos Consulting, LLC. Her website/blog is Diana coaches executives, project managers, and business owners who want to figure out their priorities and learn how to manage them. If you’d like to know more about Diana, please visit her blog.



SOBCon07 was Franke James, from Toronto.

She runs a very successful blog called OFFICE POLITICS but she is also a very passionate artist and writer committed to bringing awareness to global warming.

She told us a great story at the conference of how she and her husband decided to get rid of their car.

“We didn’t really need a car. We love to walk, and figured it would be good for the environment, to have one less car out there.” – Little did she know she would have to battle the city to plant some grass where the driveway once was! – Check out her visual essay!

Franke says, “I see myself as an artist and storyteller. Over the years, I’ve done many fun projects, including inventing online pseudo-psychology games like The Room, whacking the heads of Canadian politicians for saying too many dumb and stupid things, doing photography in snazzy places like Madrid, London and San Francisco, speaking to artists at software conferences about surviving and thriving, and telling visual stories about events like this Peace camp for kids. Now I can put all of these communication and artistic skills to work to get the message out about climate change. We must act now to preserve our children and grandchildren’s futures.”

She is an amazing woman full of talent! As Co-founder of The James Gang, her strategic insights and creative flair have helped clients such as Air Quality Ontario deliver environmental and health messages in an entertaining and persuasive way. Her interactive artwork has won numerous awards and been featured on CBC, CTV, Global News, iVillage, USA Today, AOL, Yahoo and others.

Stop by her blog and be inspired! Being an artist, she does really cool visual essays, like GREEN WINTER.