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A Mathematica QR code puzzle solver and generator, based on 2015 GCHQ Christmas puzzle NEW MEGA-COMMENT FOR 2015 GCHQ QUIZ. UPDATE: the answers have been published - discussion thread here. As the original thread has become very confusing, I suggested making a new thread, and received several messages of support, one of which suggested posting directly below the original mega-comment.

The first stage of the puzzle series appeared on the Christmas card sent out by GCHQ director Robert Hannigan. Filling in squares produced a Quick Response, or QR code, which when scanned took. Aug 11, 2016. News article - 7 Dec 2015​. This year, along with his traditional Christmas cards, Director GCHQ Robert Hannigan is including a brain-teasing. Discuss Scratch. Discussion Home; Search. GCHQ Christmas Puzzle. You need a www That was a gotcha as I copied the QR code url.

Director GCHQ's Christmas Puzzle. Congratulations on solving Part 1 of the Director's puzzle. As the competition is now closed, please find below all of the puzzle parts.

Director's Christmas Puzzle - index of all parts. A Christmas card with a cryptographic twist for charity. When completed correctly, it creates a Quick Response, or QR, code which can be scanned to reveal a website link to the next challenge. GCHQ Christmas puzzle. GCHQ Christmas puzzle likely to be worked out before festive season Spoiler alert:. the correct solution to part one reveals a QR code.

Feb 4, 2016. View the complete answers to the Director's puzzle, with some explanations from the puzzle setters. With GCHQ’s puzzle, you end up with a QR code that leads you to the next puzzle. So the picture is not very pretty and the sense of accomplishment is short lived. Here’s what GCHQ’s best Christmas wishes look like: Nobody has been able to solve GCHQ's Christmas puzzle and the deadline is looming. The grid-shading nonogram puzzle was set by GCHQ as part of its Christmas card.

The QR code leads to the. gchq-card. GCHQ Christmas Card Puzzle. It's obviously a QR code, you can tell by the 7's creating the boxes in the top right, bottom left etc. From the size of the Grid it's a Version 2 25x25 QR code. News article - 4 Feb 2016. Well over half a million people tried solving Director GCHQ Robert Hannigan’s Christmas puzzle, but no one managed to get all the possible answers correct.

Dec 12, 2015. A puzzle sent out by the director of GCHQ with his official Christmas. is a QR code that you can scan with your mobile phone to take you to the.

GCHQ Christmas quiz: 30, 000 entries, not one perfect answer. forms a Quick Response (QR) code that can be scanned with a mobile phone to access the second part of the quiz via a website (see. Feb 4, 2016.

Three people are declared winners of GCHQ's Christmas card. Filling in squares produced a Quick Response, or QR code, which when. As you may have seen, Britain’s intelligence organization GCHQ has released a Christmas card featuring a grid-shading puzzle.

The puzzle is an instance of a Nonogram puzzle. This is a grid with numbers by each row and column, indicating the lengths of. Feb 4, 2016. Since then, more than 600, 000 people successfully attempted the first stage - a QR code - which led them to questions testing their analytical.

Three clever code-breakers have proved they have what it takes to be budding spies after cracking GCHQ's Christmas card 'impossible puzzle. The winners, all men, battled through five rounds and. Can you solve GCHQ's infuriatingly complex Christmas puzzle?. inviting participants to crack the complex code and reply with their answers. .

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