How to make a paper christmas tree star topper

Discover ideas about Diy Tree Topper. pattern for. how to make a paper moravian star - Google Search. More information. DIY Christmas Tree Topper! Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper. Lynne: We crafty sisters have been making ornaments all month, but we are not the only ones. Last week, I went to the Pear Tree Gallery to attend Teri Partridge‘s class on making a tissue paper star.

20 Traditional and Creative Christmas Tree Toppers. gold star topper ($10, etsy. com). Everyone's faces down a mountain of paper scraps at the end of a marathon wrapping session. Put them to. No Christmas tree is complete without a beautiful tree topper! You'll be proud to display these crafts that are both angelic and easy to make.

To Make a Pretty Patty Tree Topper: Clip a 1-inch-diameter hole in center of a doily. Lay doily on waxed paper, and apply white craft glue to edges of cut. DIY Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper When we were setting up the Christmas tree the other day, it became obvious that our existing tree topper was way too heavy for. Be careful to make the folds in the right spot and crease the fold to make it clean.

In the PDF, the folds are marked with red and blue lines. The blue lines are valley folds and the red lines are mountain folds. Since I'm using thick paper, I used a bone folder to score the paper first. This helps a lot and is well worth the few bucks it costs. Woven Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper Combining the classic star tree topper with a snowflake design, this woven paper star topper is an impressive piece that really shines.

While it might look complicated from the picture, this topper is actually extremely easy to put together so long as you follow the instructions. Dec 19, 2011 · The star looks great on the top of our tree and if you like the topper on the champagne bottle, it would make a great centerpiece for your holiday table. Have yourself a merry holiday! Our new paper star tree topper.

Find and save ideas about Diy tree topper on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Rustic tree topper, Rustic christmas decorations and Diy xmas decorations. Need a glorious star to top your tree, but you just don't have one? You can make your own! It doesn't take that long and if you're new to origami or papercraft, it's. I made this quick origami paper star for our Christmas tree topper this year for a surprise for my daughter.

Folding paper in origami paper art is great fun. Supervise young ones making these. All you’ll need to make this gorgeous star is a sheet of 12″ x 12″ glittered cardstock, scissors and glue (hot glue works best).

If you have single sided glitter paper you will need to glue two sheets back-to-back to create a double sided sheet. Christmas Party Buffet Table With Desserts And Decorations.

A buffet table displays several desserts for a Christmas party. By:. Finish Paper Star. Turn the star around and define the creases and folds with your fingertips. Finish the Star. Repeat process with another sheet of white card stock.

Let dry. 5 Christmas Tree Topper Ideas By eHow Contributor. eHow. Fasten the finished star to the tree using wire, or cut down a paper towel or toilet paper cardboard center piece, glue it to the back of the star and affix the cardboard cylinder over a top vertical tree branch. How to Make a Paper Angel for a Christmas Tree Top. How to Make a Tin. It’s always so difficult finding a really great star tree topper – I know a couple years my mom gave up the search and just used a Santa Clause hat.

I can’t wait to make it – this is my roommate’s first “real” Christmas tree, and she loves all things sparkly. Note: This tree topper works best for a tree that’s set in a corner because the sides aren’t nearly as pretty as the front and back. Follow the same steps above to make your tree topper; just don’t add a string at the end.

Supplies: 12″x12″ scrapbook paper; scissors; hot glue; Directions: Fold paper in half diagonally (wrong sides together).

Nov 8, 2016. Check out these DIY Christmas tree topper ideas and give your tree a cool. Woven Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper | 15 DIY Christmas Tree. Feb 19, 2016 · Add instant charm to your Christmas tree with this easy tree topper.

Cut a star shape from thick paper or cardstock. Cut out a black and white photo, mat it with colored paper, and glue it to the center of the star. 9 Merry and Bright DIY Christmas Tree Toppers. Using nothing more than scrapbook paper, tape, hot glue and a festive ornament, this sparkle-happy tree topper takes less than 10 minutes and is. How to make a large Christmas tree topper and secure it on the tree. Tutorial on how to make this stunning floral display. Paper mache reindeer head from Michaels.

Make your Christmas tree the *star* of your decor. The 28 Best Christmas Tree Toppers You Can Buy or DIY. Remember to save an empty wrapping paper roll for. Make your own gorgeous traditional Swedish DIY paper star for the Holidays with this.

The Happy Homebodies: DIY Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper. Here’s what I used to make the Christmas tree star topper: 4 – 12″ pieces of thick scrapbook paper (I used two gold croc embossed, and two gold glitter) hot glue Make a Star Tree Topper with Christmas. Unroll the wire and use it to create an outline of the paper star.

Bend the wire with the pliers to the desired shape of. Dec 16, 2011 · Paper Gold Star Tree Topper. By fungus amungus in Home Christmas. 67, 631. 149. 16. Featured.

Published Dec. 16, 2011 Stats Download Favorite. Introduction: Paper Gold Star Tree Topper. By fungus amungus supamoto Follow More by the author: About: I like to make things for the internets. I also sell a pretty cool calendar at supamoto. co. If you have single sided glitter paper you will need to glue two sheets back-to-back to create a double sided sheet. First, take your paper and cut it into (20) 1/2' wide strips.

Fold two strips in half and crease to mark the center. 5 Christmas Tree Topper Ideas Wrap the rest of the strip around the pentagon. As you fold, the paper should want to fold over all the edges of the pentagon, creating a thicker pentagon as you go. 5 Christmas Tree Topper Ideas. Fasten the finished star to the tree using wire, or cut down a paper towel or toilet paper cardboard center piece, glue it to the.

Dec 24, 2012. In this DIY, I show you how to make a Christmas tree topper that is creative and decorative for the next holiday.

paper star treetopper tutorial. 101 Days of Christmas: Paper Star Tree Topper. (no matter how tiny she looks on top of our 9′ Christmas tree! ), but when I started making paper star ornaments back in September, I had a feeling that a big paper star would make a great tree topper, and it really does! DIY Paper Tree Topper. by HelloLidy. I decided to create a fun 3-D star and use it as a tree topper. this is my roommate’s first “real” Christmas tree. We start off this Christmas decor tutorial folding a bit of origami to make a star tree topper, then we paper mache it, spray paint it and cover it with glitter, and then we make a super simple.

Christmas / DIY Moravian Star Tree Topper;. for 6 complete paper stars of different sizes. Paper star patterns are also available individually. I am holding a. We're about to put up our big family Christmas tree this year and I wanted the crowning achievement on top—the star—to express my love of papercrafting.

So for Day 4 of my MAKE IT MERRY: 25 Days of Maker Projects Christmas, I designed a glorious 3D paper star. Star Tree Topper You’ll Need. Card Stock Paper or thick paper with design of your choice. Glue stick or all craft glue; Scissors; Modge Podge if you want to make the paper stiffer.

(Optional) Instruction. Since my theme this year is paper, – remember the vintage music sheet burlap ornament, glass ornament with shredded paper inside and paperback page garland?

– I decided to use the music sheet to make this treetopper. So, today, Christmas Eve, I revised the original star tree topper, and punched out 26 stars, to symbolize those lost lives.

May them rest in peace and guide us with their bright shining lights. Star Tree Topper Paper Crafts. Sewing Ideas. Make Your Own Christmas Tree Topper.

How to Make a Christmas-Tree Table Topper. Now Playing. Cut out backed star with craft knife, trimming excess glue along edge. Attach flat dowel and second star: secure a flat dowel to star backing with hot glue.

Set second star on top of backing.

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